A Bit About Myself - Cougar, Editor-in-Chief of Left Coast Fashion

Recently, as you may have seen me boast about a bit, I was accepted into Two Point Oh! LA. Two Point Oh! is what I would call the premier blogging community in LA for all that is fashion and style. A big deal.

I had to fill out a membership bio and as I was working on it I thought it would make a great way for all of you to get to know me, the Editor-in-Chief of LFC, a little bit better. 

Here goes!

Name: Kyle “Cougar” Hjelmeseth

Blog/s: Left Coast Fashion, duh.

Link/s: www.leftcoastfashion.com

Blog genre:

Fashion, Art, Music, General Life

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is the ability to creatively express my viewpoints on a wide variety of topics. I try to write about a few different categories other than just fashion, or just music, so that I continually challenge myself and keep myself interested in producing more content.


Some of my hobbies include photography, traveling around the United States as I try to save for international journeys, blogging of course, reading and watching LOTS of movies.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as classic, yet memorably edgy. I pick pieces that are timeless over trendy. I would never want to rift through my closet for a trip to Crossroads. I like pieces that stand out and that are noticed, but that I can wear for a life time. For me I’m either all dressed up, or in jeans and a tee. There isn’t much of a middle ground.

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

Besides the weather? I love LA’s…well I should say I have learned to love LA’s secrets. LA is a very “in the know” town. Unlike Chicago or New York where you’re constantly hit in the face with great food, great culture, etc. in LA you have to know where it is or you have to stumble upon it. Once you’ve found a great new cafe or an interesting art exhibit that becomes you’re little secret and people feel privileged when you bring them “in the know.” I enjoy that.

How did you start blogging?

I had to to escape the monotony of my day job. I needed a creative outlet and at the suggestion of a friend started blogging. My blog took more shape and started to get more notice when I decided to focus on four of my main interests. I tried blogging about just fashion before, but I got burnt out trying to talk about clothes all of the time. Especially about menswear!

Favorite designer and why?

I feel like this is a trick question. Everyone either answers with something cliché like Chanel or McQueen! Or they try to throw you by referencing some obscure label they read about online once and thought would make them cool if they were “in the know” and no one else liked them yet.

I don’t have a favorite designer. I enjoy lots of designers and their lines like Marc Jacobs, John Varvatos, Karl Lagerfled. I respect Valentino immensely. No favorite though.

Favorite store/bar/restaurant/activity in Los Angeles?

My favorite place to hang out right now is Larchmont Village. I run into people I know there all of the time, and not because we’re neighbors. Larchmont is just such a cool place that is definitely one of those “in the know” gems around LA. Great food. Great coffee. Great people. That’s all I really need right now.

What is your most prized material possession?

An Esq. watch given to me by a family member when I made it through my first year of college.

What beauty item could you not live without?

My razor.